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Audio / Video Ministry

This ministry objective is to further the church's mission to reach the lost for Christ, to equip the Saved for service, and to Walk as One with God and One Another by the use of technological tools.

Bible Training Ministry

This ministry is an essential part of the total education program of the church. It is set up partly managed and promoted by the church through a group of general officers who are elected.

Brotherhood Ministry

Purpose: Building Christian men to live a Christlike life and to become Godly leaders in the church, family, and communities; Ps. 133:1 Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.

Education Ministry

Purpose: To encourage academic excellence of all members regardless of age. To provide learning opportunities, regarding spiritual and secular matters.

Health Ministry

While all Ministries are important, this ministry is very important to help us stay healthy so that we are able to carry on all the other works of the ministry of God.

Home Economics Ministry

Purpose: This ministry is to teach and help develop natural skills. It will equip one to perform everyday tasks which are needed in life. This teaching is given according to the sound doctrine of God – Titus 2:1-8

Home Mission Ministry

Purpose: To be a leader in evangelism, To train and equip for ministry and service. To help those in need by providing spiritual, physical, and financial support.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intercessory Prayer Ministry at Springhill is designed to specifically pray for our Pastor and Church.

Married Couples Ministry

This ministry is to teach married couples how to live as one, God’s way, and how to love and do for each other the way God planned it.

Media Ministry

This ministry serves as an evangelistic extension of the Church that focuses on spreading the word of God through media.

Minister's Ministry

This is a ministry Pastor Bridges has established, lead by God, to teach and equip ministers how to grow spiritually and biblically as preachers and or pastors of God.

Minister's Wives Ministry

This ministry has been established to minister specifically to the unique needs of Ministers’ Wives.

Music Ministry

Psalm 33:3 – Sing unto Him a New Song; Play Skillfully with a Loud Noise!

New Christian / New Member Ministry

What has happened to me now that I’m saved? You have received Christ. Jh.1:12; Rev. 3:20. You have become a new person. II Cor. 5:17. You have been set free from the power of sin. Rom. 6:4-13. You have entered the family of God. II Cor. 6:17-18. You have been forgiven of all your sins. I Jh. 1:9.

Newsletter Ministry

To reach each and every member; the sick and the shut-in and those who are abroad through services to the armed forces or jobs.

Nursery / Children's Church Ministry

It is a ministry that ministers and teaches children from ages 1-12. It is a ministry given by God to teach children the “Word of God” and to train them how to properly behave in a church setting.

Parents For Christ Ministry

This is a ministry to help teach parents how to be godly parents.

SISTERS Ministry

The purpose of S.I.S.T.E.R.S. is to give women the opportunity to learn and discuss the teachings of the Bible.

Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday school is one of the most important departments of the church because the main function is to educate its members for unselfish service in the religious activities of the church.

Young Men Of Excellence In Christ Ministry

Purpose Statement: To grow young males up in the teaching of Biblical scriptures and develop their Christian lives to a higher standard of living; to also teach the physical and mechanical skills as males.

Young Mighty Men's Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to help teach and guide young men: To walk closer with the Lord;
To become mighty men as sons, fathers, boyfriends, and husbands; To become mighty men in every walk of life; To be leaders of their households.

Young Women Ministry Auxiliary

YWMA function under Springhill’s Home Mission Ministry as Circle # 4. It is designed for young women ages 17-40.

Young Women Of Excellence In Christ Ministry

To grow young females up, ages 7-16, in the teaching of Biblical scriptures and develop their Christian lives to a higher standard of living; to also teach the physical and practical skills as females.

Youth Ministry

The youth department is designed to help train and equip our young people for their roles in the church, school, and community.

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